1. Welcome to Public Officials Charged With Crimes

Purpose of this site

This site provides the  names of and information about

elected or appointed  public officials who have been arrested, indicted for or formally accused of a crime.

We meticulously researched this information for your legitimate purposes — whether you are

    • writing a college thesis or
    • doing a genealogy, or
    • want to know about the history of your community, or
    • are an attorney seeking  precedents that might help your case.

All this information has been carefully checked, but if you find an error, be sure to notify us in the comments section below.

How to find what you are looking for

Top of the page

Just click on the geographical location in the table at the top of every page to jump to the list of people we have found from that area.

Search box

If you are looking for a name but do not know the geographical area involved, use the search box in the column to the left.

Alphabetical lists

Click here for the page headed Lists of names, where you will find links to every person listed in this website, divided by geography.

Our sources

In the details about a public official’s brush with the law,  you will always find the source or sources for the information, with a link if we have it.

(Unfortunately, some of the links will require registration to read the original source.)

If we do not have a particular public official in our files, or if you have corrections or comments, be sure to notify us.

$upporting this $ite

The only financial support we receive is from the people who use this research. We ask that you contribute a small amount to browse through the site for a day, or a larger amount for a month or a year. We give you some free looks before requesting a contribution.

You will find  information about Public Officials Charged With Crimes gathered in one place nowhere else on the Internet.

(Wikipedia, for example, gives you data on some public officials who were convicted but not on those who were found innocent. We try to “clear” everybody who has indeed been cleared. If we make a mistake, let us know.)

We will continue to make additions as long as we can afford to do so.

 A special notice

Those people listed here who were not convicted or who were acquitted or whose convictions were overturned are legally presumed to be innocent.

These pages do not include grand jury indictments or other legal charges for which the only penalty was removal from office.

Remember that these people are innocent until found guilty, and in more than a few cases the person was arrested or charged but never brought to trial. These lists are presented for research purposes only. 

And now — move your cursor to the list at the top of this page, and begin your search . . .

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